Hes so sad wont you pick him? Hes so sad all the time
every day he eats floor crumbs for breakfast do you pity him?


"Sweet wet eyes so big so kind oh invader fuk u make my heart so wide how u kiss me with ur tears and stroke me with your fears let me keep you safe and tight in my arms"

"hes not built for functioning
invader fuk is built to be a sopping wet paper towle and nothing more"

"I hold him in my hand there’s no bones but he’s flailing and whining there’s no way he can escape my loving grasp and I can’t escape that loving stare"

"the boy. earts his beans. and youf ucking scrunkle him oh how could you ohh how could you
jail forever"

"his sopping wet eyes beg for forgiveness for a crime he did commit"

"my son wrinkle who has everydisease"

"Invader fuks big sparkly eyes well up with globulous tears*"

"he has no ounce of malice in his body
invader fuk is the purestbsoul and thus the most fragile
if you threw a pencil at him hed crumple"

"his bones are so weak he canbarely stand
his breed was almost entirely wiped out due to abhorrent conditions recquired yo make him
but he still exists in his pathetic little form"