i fucking hate byakuya togami. with my heart and soul. literally every single aspect of his character makes my blood boil.
he has all of the characteristics i hate in a person and character:
ive watched his freetime events. ive watched his school mode events. ive played the whole first game twice. nothing i do makes me like him, in fact the more i learn about him the more i hate his fucking guts.

the way he treats makoto in his freetime events KILLS ME. i have no idea how ANYONE could actually ship them together when he just blatantly does not respect makoto as a person like at ALL. he believes theyre on completely different levels because of his wealth. all attempts from makoto to get byakuya to actually be a decent person to him fall flat because byakuya is fucking incapable of that. he cannot comprehend being on the same level as someone with less wealth than him simply by virtue of them both being people. he cant fucking understand it.

he deserved to have all his fucking wealth taken away, get humbled bastard.

oh and when he gets taken down a peg in chapter 4 its fucking incredible. the line "how come YOU know what I DONT KNOW??" tells you so much about how he views everyone else. he constantly thinks he has everything figured out and that hes so fucking smart when he ISNT. i dont care how important to trials he is makoto and kyoko (kyoko especially) can figure out the same exact shit easily.

in conclusion i fucking hate byakuya togami thanks for coming to my ted talk.

(written around 6am after trying and failing many times to fall asleep on 9/7/20)