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INFO ABOUT the peche
NAME pĂȘche(accent optional, pronounced pesh) + klonpa + angels!
AGE currently 22
GENDER wouldnt you like to know weather boy (any pronouns, ve/vir preferred for neos! any variant is fine)
TYPE electric, obviously
WHAT robo neko maid angel, duh
WHERE in the middle of the sun (east coast united states)
WHY because!
HOW you see, a gamer and a
witch came together for a while before eventually divorcing,
LIKES warm colors, yellow, pikachu, animals, communism, art
DISLIKES that one pukey shade of yellow-green, cooked vegetables, byakuya togami from danganronpa trigger happy havoc for the playstation portable
INFO ABOUT the site
NAME peche klonpa's funtime zone!!!!!!!!
AGE turning 7 this year!!! (original site was created october 14th, 2017)
GENRE mix of personal and art, i guess? im just making whatever the hell i want here!
TYPE still electric, duh
WHAT collection of pages about random things i like mostly! also some other random shit ive made
WHERE in a little alleyway on neocities
WHY because its fun!!!
HOW coding html in neocities in the built in code editor~ and stealing stuff from tutorials~
IS THIS FOREVER even if i stop updating this site at some point, you can be sure ill never delete it! thats all i can guarantee =P
SITE BUTTONS letter beads!
klonoa spin!

BOBUS::::: small list of interests and hobbies

i like so very many things but its kind of hard to lsit them all so thats all for now folsk