about the site

ilove old web shit and i have for a long time ... so in 2017 i decided to make my first website here on neocities,
trying to imitate that kind of look and feel

my first site was strictly a personal one, and i got far enough to put information about myself on there
but not far enough to talk about my interests...

i was having a hard time feeling motivated to update it, so in 2020 i decided to do a complete revamp,
just filled with random stuff i wanted to make, and i ended up having a lot more fun with it!

then i realized the site was organized like GARBAGE behind the scenes so i tried reorganizing it,
but neocities' file management stuff is... not easy to use for that, especially since i had so much already on there
so in 2021, i decided to move to this one! and fix up a bunch of stuff i wasnt happy with >_0

now were here! i hope you have fun going through the different pages here ^_^

oh, also, heres 2 site buttons! ones from the old site, and the other is new specially made for this one >_0

letter beads button
klonoa spin button
maybe more coming soon?

about the peche klonpa

im pĂȘche (accent optional, pronounced pesh) klonpa! im 19 years old and (ytp voice) im sos
im a nonbinary lesbian and i use they/he/ve pronouns! any variant of ve/vir is fine
my favorite color is yellow and i love cats and also im electric type

heres an mspaint image picture of me >_0

i like weird shit and i want to make weird shit!
it would be extremely hard to list everything that inspires me
but i DO have a youtube playlist full of videos that covers a bit of it

i love creating in any form i can (even if it takes me forever to finish something, if it ever IS finished...)
all forms of art are things that interest me, whether its drawing, animating, music, video games...
every medium has something unique about it
also youtube poops ARE an artform and im like half joking when i say that . you can do cool shit with stuff that already exists

anyway... i love many different medias such as serial experiments lain and my littles pony

i was obsessed with danganronpa for nearly 2 years and that still shows through on this site a bit
i still find some value in it but its not a big Main Thing in my brain anymore >_0

maybe i should just list some stuff out...

stuff ive liked since i was a kid: pokemon, vocaloid, sonic the hedgehog, touhou, mlp (g3), warrior cats

stuff ive liked since like middleschool: undertale, madoka magica, popee the performer, mlp (g4)

stuff ive liked since like highschool: klonoa, your turn to die, serial experiments lain, love live, kaiba (2008), etc etc

i could probably go on and on and on, but its probably best to just leave it at that.. thanks for reading!