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~~ DAYS 2, 3, AND 4 ~~

OK so. its been a while. oops ^^;;
ive been pretty busy in the past month, i got a job and had to deal with some personal stuff @_@
i HAVE been playing the game tho, so ill just do a little recap of whats happened since last time ...

1. ive raised gloops into a dark/run chao and unlocked the dark chao garden

2. im currently raising png into a hero/power chao

3. gloops has not won a single race but was successful in beginners chao karate

4. png has won every race ive put them in (the first 2 swim races, the first power race, and the first run race)

5. i bought a white chao egg and named the chao inside weegbee, they have a really good swim stat so im planning on raising them as a neutral/swim chao (which is what made me decide to raise png as a power chao, since their best stats are tied between swim and power)

6. realized i unlocked the dark chao garden and named the new baby bababui. i dont remember their stats but they all pretty much sucked except for stamina LOL

since i cant really think of what else to say ill just put a bunch of pictures and videos from my playtime in the past couple weeks here!

gloops eating a fuit

png with some bunny ears!!

gloops evolving!!! ft shadow (and weegbee in the bg)

gloops after evolving!!

shadow holding weegbee ^^

rouge holding bababui~!

png winning a race!

gloops tripping and losing the race .... (pre-evolution)

gloops losing a different race (pre-evolution)

gloops winning karate ^_^ (post-evolution)

i think thats everything ive got to show off... see you next time!! hopefully i wont take nearly an entire month to update this again LOL

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