about plans diary

~~ PLANS ~~

my ultimate goal mainly is to breed a...
...shiny two-tone yellow hero chaos chao!!!

image from chao island's chao gallery!

ideally its stats would also be all maxed out or perfect or something, but i dont Really care about that much
i mostly want this chao bc i think it looks cool hehe

oh i should probably explain what all of those words mean...

shiny = the chao has a shiny texture on it (instead of looking flat, its colors also look a bit brighter)
two-tone = the chao has 2 different colors (this characteristic is only found on your starting chao, not on ones you can get from the black market)
yellow = the chao's base color is yellow (pretty self explanatory...)
hero = the chao has only been raised/pet by hero characters (sonic, tails, & knuckles)
chaos = the chao has reincarnated at least twice and has been given an even amount of animals recently

and since i brought up the black market and reincarnation i should probably explain those too...
the black market is a place you can access in the chao kindergarten (adjacent to where the neutral chao garden is) and you can sometimes buy chao eggs there!
they can be shiny or plain, but whatever color they are theyre always monotone!

now for reincarnation...
after enough time passes, a chao will go into a little bubble thing, and if its been taken care of well it will reincarnate, turning back into a baby chao!
if it hasnt been taken care of well though, it will die forever...
a chao can reincarnate any number of times, i think... but once a chao becomes a chaos chao, it will stop aging and become immortal!

i think thats everything that needs explaining for my goal chao...
the only other pages to do after this are the actual diary pages! hope theyre fun to read ^^