june 16th 2024
okay i need you to imagine ive just craweld out of some sort of hole covered in dirt and grime and blood also
new page added in sect B, archiving the 123guestbook page since the service is shutting down T_T
if youve got neopets check out this petpage i did the other day
hopefully replacing old guestbook with an atabook one soon 👍👍👍 REPLACED archive.org link to old guestbook is there as well
love and light

may 29th 2023
hello again! i figured out how to do image scrolling everyone pat me on the back so nicelys
- added a subpage to sunflower field
- added scrolling to a few pages, including:
  - secret page on AGHH
  - beanos page
  - AIMWHENPISS!!!! im happy about that one especially because my original solution was literally so dumb and needlessly complex to make LMAO
- slight changes mostly for structure stuff behind the scenes!
- started working on a new page for sect C but idk when itll be done lol
- i think thats everything! peace and love on planet earth

april 8th 2023
hi for the love of GOD hello
its 1am. i moved out of a garbage living situation like 2 months ago. im alive and i love website. Real and true.
- added a page in sect A (actually made sometime in 2022 but never added an actual link to the homepage LOL)
- added a page in sect C (sampled video/audio pre-edit can be found here!)

october 10th 2022
holy shit 2 updates in the same month . halloween miracle
- updated stamps page and sleepy page!
- added invader fuk page in sect B!
- other misc mostly behind the scenes file junk!

october 4th 2022
- added stamps page in sect D!! been meaning to do this one for a while
still a wip however

june 22nd 2022
oh good lird
- added a page in sect B ...
- updated the promo page slightly
- genuinely cant remember if i did anything else!

march 13th 2022
i continue to be alive and we now have a gifypet directly below this box!
- you already read hte damn ........ the pet is tails thoulgh . taisls
- things continue to happen

feburary 24th 2022
lets pretend i didnt leave the about page mostly finished for like 2 weeks before promptly forgetting about it
- updated about, old about still accessible via /sectD/abt-old.html
- might add more shit later WHO KNOWS. i have been getting hit witha HAMMER by everything ever for a little bit

january 9th 2022
doing great at this "regularly updating my webbed site" thing!
- added a page in sect A
- surviving

january 3rd 2022 technically (its 12am here)
oops i keep having ideas
- added a page in sect C, but its like a litlte personal so i have no idea how long im going to keep it there!
itll never be deleted but i might remove the direct link to it sometime. ynever know

january 2nd 2022
woah!!!! another update so soon!!! must be a news year miracle
- added a page in sect B
- changed the cursor on the index/home pages so its a little wii cursor =›
- realized autoplay straight up doesnt work on chrome and trying to find ways to fix it!

december 30th 2021
the year is almost over and i am sick but i had an idea so i made it ... record time!!!
- added a page in sect C
- thats it for now lol

november 20th 2021
oops its been 3 months!
- gonna add a new page to sect B soon but idrk if its ready yet lol
if u wanna see it as is go to my profile and click the thingy there (;´д`)
- going to do more stuffs soon probably hoepfully <(_ _)>

july 30th 2021
- added a new page in sect C! i wanna do a bit more with it at some point since ive had this character for a while... but idk. we'll see!

july 25th 2021
- pikagifs page updated

july 20th 2021
- new page added! klonoa falling o_o (coding it gave me hell even tho its really simple)
- im gonna do other stuff but i havent done it yet at the time of writing this so um stay tuned oops!

july 18th 2021
- new site is now open!! yayyy
- updated a bunch of small stuff
- comic is gone for the moment until i figure out what i wanna do with it @_@
- new page added in sect A

- condense a bunch of css files into the html files of most pages
- site layout overhaul
- update older code so it sucks less