november 20th 2021
oops its been 3 months!
- gonna add a new page to sect B soon but idrk if its ready yet lol
if u wanna see it as is go to my profile and click the thingy there (;´д`)
- going to do more stuffs soon probably hoepfully <(_ _)>

july 30th 2021
- added a new page in sect C! i wanna do a bit more with it at some point since ive had this character for a while... but idk. we'll see!

july 25th 2021
- pikagifs page updated

july 20th 2021
- new page added! klonoa falling o_o (coding it gave me hell even tho its really simple)
- im gonna do other stuff but i havent done it yet at the time of writing this so um stay tuned oops!

july 18th 2021
- new site is now open!! yayyy
- updated a bunch of small stuff
- comic is gone for the moment until i figure out what i wanna do with it @_@
- new page added in sect A

- make a klonoa fanpage
- add solutions page in newdrins
- add more poetry stuff
- add an art page + a music page
- add sites that dont have buttons 2 the buttons thingy
- add more pages in general!!
- get more free time T__T