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this sect is full of nice pleasant stuffs for happy (´ ω ` *)
Page Names Notes
beanies autoplay
rip beanies 😔
sunflower field autoplay
sleepy autoplay / subpage!
sore wa sore wa sore wa autoplay / model credit
me when im chihiro
tails littl tails frend
pikagif autoplay
a collection of some pikagifs from all over da web >_0
yellow sneakers autoplay
yellow sneakers! (shockingly, does not include any images of yellow sneakers)
pendant autoplay
u GOTTA protect it

this sect is definitely me when im (ノ*ФωФ)ノ
Page Names Notes
mario 64 autoplay
good ol fashioned mario 64 recipe
AGHH autoplay / has a secret
unending agony O_O
aim when piss autoplay
always rember
togamihatemail autoplay yes i see the irony in using this song on a byakua hate page. i think its funny
this may be in funny but the hatred is very real
beanos autoplay
i asked my friend for page ideas
and he said make a beanos page
and i sighed and said Ok Fine
klonoa fall he is falling 😳
brian autoplay
!!warning for fast gifs!!
omg brian! its brian! my friend brian
super camp lazlio bros man i dont even know what to say about this one. old ass mario/camp lazlo crossover joke fanfic. Sorry For Party Rocking
invader fuk autoplay
My smallest son just an inches tall . Hold him frail iny our hands.
tobepi autoplay
mai togepgi Videog

this sect is a bit fucked up and evil if i do say so myself o_O
Page Names Notes
test video volume warning, autoplay video
sees scopophobia warning (also shaking text on the 2nd page)
love colored ward volume + eyestrain warning, autoplay video
weird a poem(?) about being weird
nao best viewed on desktop
newdrins series of pages. no updates in the forseeable future <( _ _ )>
vis autoplay
wormboys autoplay (HARSH SOUNDS WARNING)
wormboys our wonderful beautiful wormboys
LUV . as it turns out. is Orange ?

this sect is peche klonpa time o(〃^▽^〃)o
Page Names Notes
promo ill give myself a promotion!
guestbook gimme a little ring on my telephone >_0
(old guestbook here)
chao diary autoplay
new entries added whenever i play the game
+ have time to update this thing
(i dont have the time to do anything with this rn
so its just an archive for now @_@)
about about the peche and about the site ^_^
also my site buttons are here >_0
stamps !!FLASHING WARNING!! / autoplay
big ol collection of deviantart stamps harvested straight from the source
HUGE WIP btw......

old site

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